Baptism and First Communion

Previous Next Two girls full of life and love shared a special day to celebrate their baptism and first communion.  The reception was decorated in simple greens and whites, with plenty of pops of color. The adults had their own area and their tables were decorated with their individual themes, including forest animals; fruits, wild […]

Destination Wedding Islas Canaria, Spain

Previous Next Why do weddings in Spain – Canary Islands? Something very curious of Spain is that in beaches of said country the give is the “yes I Do” to shores of the sea is considered that is perform in private. The unique islands where is has authorized perform weddings shorebirds are the Islands Canary. Where […]

Destination Wedding Cancun

Previous Next Why perform weddings in Cancun? The event in the event was something completely different since it was a pakistani wedding, this religion is very interesting since the bride and groom met until the day of the marriage, which is very interesting, very cute and different was bride tattoos are all something very special […]

Destination Wedding ROATAN

Why perform weddings in Roatan?  Events in Roatan has been a new experience since it is a modern, unique and very attractive beaches where your event becomes even more special and makes your long awaited day is unforgettable. Roatan any time of the year it is perfect for weddings, and if you’re a lover of […]