La Folie specializes in upscale weddings local or destination, with exquisite finishes, we provide personalized service for all of your wedding planning  needs. We offers a range of “A la carte” Wedding Packages designed to give you the level of assistance you want – whether it’s help with planning and etiquette, advice on vendors, orchestrating the wedding and related events, or all of the above.  We love to share our expert advice on the latest wedding trends for your event design needs.

We can help you design and coordinate your event down to the last critical detail – theme, food, beverage, games and entertainment, transportation and lodging, sound and lighting, staging and production – so it supports your objectives. During the event, we will be there, behind the scenes, keeping everything and everyone on schedule. This way, you can focus your energies on your guests and your goal, whether it’s to inform, train, sell, motivate or reward.

Let us make this moment tailored to perfection!



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