Gutierrez Bonet Wedding

Previous Next This wedding was an extreme challenge from start to finish. We started with an empty barn and dirt floors, and ended up with gorgeous, rustic, and elegante venue. This transformation took 15 days to complete. We installed wood floors, walls, a dance floor, and a bar. We hung lights and extravagant chandeliers, and […]

Leon Sagastumen Wedding

Previous Next An elegant forest amidst colonial ruins.  The combination of the colonial ruin, with the black ceiling, the crystals, glass, trees and white flowers gave this venue the elegance that Lucia was looking for from the first moment. The dance floor was an absolutely gorgeous piece of art. The whole floor was white marble […]

Civil Marriage Dalton Valdes

Previous Next The color yellow is bright and luminous. It represents fun, itelligence, youth, and beauty. It was the perfect color to make this wedding fresh, modern, and full of love and happiness.  Along with the elegant copper tones, different types of wood, mirrors, and burlap material, this whole ensemble created the perfect rustic feel […]

Engagement Dalton Valdez

Previous Next A ruin bursting with decades of history was decorated and designed by the husband to be. From the theme, and colors, down to the smallest details, he chose the decorations for the day which he had been anticipating with so much love and illusion. He was able to communicate with us everything he […]